As the tools and data that direct sales activity are constantly evolving, sales channel strategy must also evolve. Consumers are rapidly learning from wide access to information about the product, services and offering- impacting their expectations.

Organizations need to rethink the way they work with—and offer incentives to—their partners, to build a robust and sustainable sales channel. AMAI helps organizations to navigate these massive shifts, ensuring the right elements are in place for the sales channel to grow and thrive.

What We Do

Our program is built to address sales channel strategy and effectiveness. Our focused frontline transformation efforts include:

Finding opportunities for improvement: There are many untapped opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales channel model. Solving key strategic, operational, and organizational sales issues can help businesses thrive in challenging environments.

Ensuring value generation: Companies spend a significant share of revenue on sales. Improving sales channel management can directly translate into additional revenue—and free up resources that can be used to create value elsewhere in the business.

Optimizing sales efforts: The sales function is strongly linked with other company functions, such as marketing channel strategy and services. True sales transformation requires behavioral changes among managers and staff in these areas. Reducing complexity across the organization can lead to significant growth.