Human Resources

In the current fast-paced business landscape, organizations face many challenges, such as maintaining a culture of innovation, improving efficiency and flexibility, and managing change and talent.

We help organizations find the right balance between these and other factors, ensuring that they have a strong and adaptable workforce and a smooth transition to new ways of working.

Organizational Planning & Design
AMAI provides a comprehensive approach to organizational planning and design, which is essential for the successful implementation of any business strategy. This involves the structuring of an organization to enable it to reach its objectives and goals in a timely and efficient manner. We believe organizational planning and design should be an ongoing process that is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that the organization remains relevant and effective.

Our design approach involves three main steps:

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Defining the purpose

Clearly identify the company's performance deficit, i.e., a gap between its current and future objectives. Determine precise objectives of the organizational restructuring effort, consider competitive advantage, strategic priorities, and organizational bottlenecks.

Design the organization

Determine what behaviors will contribute to the purpose of restructuring. To build an organization that supports these behaviors using a broad range of leading organizational design elements, including organizational structure, role and responsibilities, individual talent, or organization enablers.

Bring the change

We establish the right context throughout the organization and enhance the capabilities of leaders and top talent. Through balanced design, rigorous program management, multilevel communication, and capability building.

Company culture

Organization Culture

The building of the right business culture is an essential prerequisite to sustainability. Companies that have a purpose-driven organizational culture are more successful than their competitors. They attract and retain a diverse workforce with the highest level of expertise. By promoting agile collaboration and innovation, these organizations inspire individuals to excel beyond their potential and achieve strategic goals. In the pursuit of strategic goals, they have thus, aligned their workforce and resources.

Our approach, based on cutting-edge behavioral science, helps leaders understand how they can personally activate a new organizational culture—and permanently embed it within the organization.

Our approach for Organization culture

To achieve a high-performance business culture, AMAI’s consulting experts ensure that a company’s purpose, strategy, and culture are closely interconnected:


The culture of an organization ultimately shapes HOW work is accomplished. What do people say and do around others? What traits and behaviors does the organization signal as valuable by rewarding and reinforcing them through promotions, funding, and incentives.


Purpose sets the direction for the company's activities and helps to focus efforts towards a common goal. That is foundation on which the mission, vision, values and business culture are built.


Strategy is the key to defining what an organization must do to achieve success. An aligned business culture supports strategic goals, whereas a fragmented culture undermines them.